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Founded in 2002 in Nanjing, Juee real estate agency is a vibrant company concentrating on providing relocation services for expatriates of MNCs all over the world. We have an excellent business environment- “Stability, industriousness, responsibility” is the spirit of our company; “integrity, win-win, innovation” is our business philosophy. Brand-new management model, preeminent staff, comprehensive services and outstanding service quality are what built our company. For decades, we always adhere to the “customer first” principle, serving our clients wholeheartedly and insist on attracting the customers with our eximious service.

So far, we have served more than 30 MNCs as well as hundreds of foreign companies satisfactorily. The range of our service covers the whole Jiangsu province and nearly 30 cities outside Jiangsu nationwide. Our first-class service quality enables us to enjoy a good reputation among our clients.

As everyone knows, relocation is not only about moving things to a different place. It is also about starting over, about adapting to the new environment, finding a new school, meeting new friends and the most importantly- finding a new home. Juee Real Estate Agency will try our best to help you settle down as soon as possible.

As a professional relocation company, Juee has staff and cooperating companies all over China, which allows us to help you relocate in most Chinese cities. Whenever you need, our highly professional realtors and cooperating companies in your destination city will provide you with the fastest and the most efficient relocation service to help you get settled in the shortest time.

• Leader in Nanjing mobility services for over 12 years
• 3000+ families served
• Long term cooperation with over 30 MNCs
• Long term cooperation with over 10 Real Estate Company In Shanghai and Beijing
• 20+cities covered in China in the past 5 years


Our Coverage

All over Jangsu Province




Our Team 


Alex Wang

Having been working in real estate for more than 20 years, Alex Wang is extremely experienced and incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the relocation field. As the man at the helm of our organisation, he is both prudent and enterprising. He personally selects and trains the local team of agents and personally accompanies them for relocation cases.


Marketing Department

Manager: Jacky Wang- Jacky Wang has been leading Juee’s marketing team for past 10 years. He has traveled to all the cities where Juee operates and knows all the staff members, which allows him to have a great all-round understanding about the day to day workings of the company.


Consultant: David Barron- As a consultant,David is the international face of our company. He helps our company to improve the supply system, and provides a direct point of contact for our international customer base. He is an integral bridge between the East and West having lived and worked in China for over 8 years. Having him onboard allows our service to meet the requirements of expatriates and earns us an excellent reputation among our customers.


Sales Department

Jiangsu branch:

Nanjing Manager: Sissi Xie- Sissi Xie has been working in Juee for 4 years. Her rich working experience allows her to handle all kinds of difficult situations quickly and thoroughly. 


Suzhou Manager: Tina Yan- Tina Yan has been working in Juee for almost 5 years. She has served hundreds of clients from more than 10 companies and has always received excellent feedback from all who have had contact with her.


Wuhan branch:

Manager: Amy Wang- Amy Wang joined Juee in 2012 and has excellent communication skills and exemplary knowledge of customer service and property searching.

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Changsha branch:

Manager: - Tom-Che -Tom Che joined Juee in 2010 and has notably served many clients from Volkswagen in Changsha. For costumers, he is not only a vendor, but also their trustworthy friend. Owing to his efforts, Juee was awarded "the best Vendor of VW"in 2015.                



Service features


High Efficiency
Good organisation
More flexible


Ensure completely transparent
Achieve trustworthy performance
Provide  best maintenance help
Provide  experienced & reliable staff






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